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Part 3 contains the stabilisation cover with real Diamonds to make a unique luxury fashion drone.
I sew during for free Diamond and Swarovski drone covers during travel VLog for sponsoring NGO and Biosphere projects.

Used in this video: 
3 m #Telesin Selfie, #MadV cam, #Xiaomi Mi Drone, #Xiaomi Mi Max 2, #Marine Canvas, #Pfaff Sewing Machine, #Hot Knive, #Mirror #selfmade T-Shirt
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Hallo @VeeR Assistant @VeeR's Watch can someone delete this video manualy urgend from the carnival collection? i will have a lot of changes that need to be done manualy.!!!!!!!! Thanks. Is Samantha @VeeR ill? no reply to mail from her. since more than one week.
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@Jensen I am Pilot too.
Much better than the watervideo, i am pilot. :-)
@VeeR Hashtag Assistant @VeeR's Watch I spoke with my husband yesterday and @Olga Drossou (member of NGO) today. I agree to take part under one condition to yours womans days celebration. If i win a price i would not give the impression i take part for the womans day for commercial purpose. The video i produce today will be very special for the this year slogan special for poor women in countryside. This women are very poor but are very happy with their live. They help a lot to save Unesco danube delta and in case of winning a prize i like to give this prize to a NGO to support videos in 360 of one of the most impressive biosphere in the world. This video here is a part of it because i hope the diamonds cover will get a good price at the Champions League Drone Race in Dubai. To support Biosphere Rescue in My country. Sorry can not make one for yours Partners and Sponsors because i have no DJI Drone available here. I hope you agree that my video for Womans day celebration can be sponsor maybee an NGO. Thanks for understand me a bit and hope for agreement to tag me with celebration tag.