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"Turn Around!" - A music video parody in 360-degrees that gives viewers an instructional guide to viewing VR content. Get yourself a swivel chair and prepare to be schooled in this parody of the 80's classic, "Total Eclipse" as this quirky video highlights the sole purpose of virtual reality, TO TURN AROUND! With an array of sporadic characters and random "WTF" moments, you'll have to watch this video 3-4 times to catch everything around you. But that's alright, the song itself is pretty catchy to listen to, over and over, and OVER again! Just don't forget to turn around… 

More about Brian Felber: www.BrianFelber.com

Written and Performed by: Brian Felber
Mixed by: Dylan Case
Directed by: Brian Felber
Produced by: Brian Felber, David Leonard, Chadwick Turner
Director of Photography: Will Barrett
Assistant Director: Maria Sims
Make Up: Kileena Garnes
Edited by: Brian Felber
VFX by: Brian Felber

Brian Felber
David Leonard
Alex Wiltse
Autumn Ratliff
Michael Trujio
Kelsey Coleman
Maria Sims
I've been dancing with music. Ha ha ha ha ha. Sooo excited
Angela Kohler7 mons ago
Watching VR video is really exciting, it makes me move all the time.
Lauty23 S7 mons ago
Really love the video. Unique and vintage style
Lorenza Kemmer7 mons ago
I almost transshipped myself, and watching this VR video was really exciting.
Lorenza Kemmer7 mons ago
I did see this video several times, because I don't want to miss every single detail of this video.
POORMARTY8 mons ago