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Smothered Truth - the story of a political prisoner

This short documentary utilises 360 degree video and virtual reality technology to examine the relationship between the immediate senses of a human being and the cognitive and emotional reality. Can technology help us understand a world that is otherwise foreign to us?

In the documentary, Chen Zhenping tells her story: a prisoner of conscience for years in Chinese prisons and labour camps. She was sentenced for practicing Falun Gong. Chen Zhenping is now safe in Finland and wants to speak about the wrongs that she experienced and thousands of Falun Gong practitioners still suffer from back in China.

The documentary is the final project of Elias Outakivi, a student at the Lahti University of Applied Sciences Institute of Design and Fine Arts. The project was completed in association with World Village Festival.

Production: Elias Outakivi
Music: Aleksi Kaufmann

In Chinese/Finnish. English subtitles coming soon!