First 360 VR Video from the DontComply Crew as we stay on the frontlines with activism here in Texas.
Texas Trump Rally and protester area in Dallas TX on 6-16-16

There are many things in this video for you to try and catch:
*Cops threaten to arrest us if we walk down the public road towards the entrance to the event.
*All cameras and attention are on us as we arrive at the protester site. We all take turns doing several several interviews.
*Oh yeah, we have riot shields. :)
*Dallas PD in suits greet us and are very cordial.
*They tell us that all the one stars are nervous about us being there with all our gear and guns.
*They then ask us to leave the protester area. We said no and took our time filming and interacting with media and protesters that wanted to engage.
*When we were ready to leave we were allowed through the police line instead of walking the 5 blocks around which was the way we came in.
*Some of the more intense scenes we did not capture due to an overheating issue with the new 360 camera we were using for the first time. This is a learning process to film in this manner and we will improve where we can. In the meantime, enjoy the view. Now you will be right in the moments, feeling the excitement, the confusion, the tension, and the drama. Thanks for coming on this ride with all of us here at DontComply.com
Use Google cardboard or any number of VR headsets with your phone for best viewing.

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