Every Tuesday check in for our Treasure Hunt Tuesday art drop videos. Combining with the concept of Free art Friday, every Tuesday I will show you another great artist distributing free art.
Featured Artist: Wake N Bake tv
This Friday, March 3rd you will find our works hidden in Midtown.

Step 1: Watch previous Tuesday's video to find out where we will be leaving the next treasure maps.
Step 2: Go to the location on any Friday after 12 pm to find the treasure map.
Step 3: Follow the map to find the free art.
Step 4: Repeat :) 

Check back to find out when and where to grab a gift! 

Brought to you by: Oddballs Inc
Videography Assistant: Alec Price

Music Produced by: SMuRfGoD 
IG: @smurfgodyo

Of course, thanks for watching!
Stephanie Marlo
Artist.Life.Vision Photography
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