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Join Captain Gatsby as he delivers bounty to the hippies at the LandTrust located here in Atlanta. In this episode Gatsby creates a few artsy bird houses to leave around the grounds. Of course he follows it up with his signature treasure map.

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@Josiane Glover this is very true! check out our relaxing vr experience collection if you have some extra vr time 😀
Josiane Glover4 mons ago
A quiet and comfortable environment will allow you to enjoy yourself alone.
@Dudley Bashirian Captain Gatsby "Ed" is seriously one of the best neatest people I know. We are proud to have Treasure Hunt Tuesday as an ALV show 👍😊
You're really a person who enjoys life and I don't even think about doing something similar to you, but I find it what you did is really interesting.
Ha ha ha ha ha, I know of the plant less than 10, I think there must be all the plants I know.