Every Tuesday check in for our Treasure Hunt Tuesday art drop videos. Combining with the concept of Free art Friday, every Tuesday we will show you another great artist distributing free art.

This Friday, Feb the 17th you will find our works hidden in Piedmont Park, Atlanta GA.

Step 1: Watch previous Tuesdays video to find out where we will be leaving the next treasure maps.
Step 2: Go to the location on any Friday after 12 pm to find the treasure map.
Step 3: Follow the map to find the free art.
Step 4: Repeat :) 

Check back to find out when and where to grab a gift! 

Brought to you by: Oddballs Inc
Videography Assistant: Alec Price

Music Produced by: SMuRfGoD 
IG: @smurfgodyo

Of course, thanks for watching!
Stephanie Marlo
Artist.Life.Vision Photography
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