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Two friends bicker in an abandoned asylum, unaware they’ve ventured into someone else’s hunting ground. The intrusion disrupts a resident hermit, an isolated trapper who does not play well with strangers. Can both women escape the twists and turns of the asylum or will they fall prey to their hunter?

Trapper Asylum is a five minute horror short filmed in 360° video, with full cast, crew, and production design. It uses lighting and spatial sound techniques, along with choreography between actors and a moving, gimbal-mounted 360 camera to move the viewer through a terrifying asylum basement.

Writer & Director: Simon J Green
Leslie: Ebony Papanastasiou
Kylie: Joana Pires
The Trapper: Stefan Taylor
Camera Operator & Director's Assistant: Kaitlyn Paltridge
Production & Costume Designer: Jaz Wickson
Hair & Makeup Artist: Chloe Rose
1st Assistant Director: Ben Mix
Sound Recordist & Designer: David Chakman
Sound Assistant: Kitt Ross
Key Grip: Luke Wase
Production Assistants: Chris James, Sarah Wall, Kim Clarke
Set Photography: Lily Amorous
Editor: Simon J Green

Thanks to:
Zarina Tremellen
Kodak SP360 4K camera provided by Accessable www.accessable.com.au
hj6 mons ago
I was the timid girl, almost crying in the darkness.
Husarz6 mons ago
How can only two girls dare to explore this dark place? I feel so creepy.
Did you come out safe? Sorry I didn;t dare to see it through
Penelope Fights6 mons ago
Religious activities
Nightcore anm6 mons ago
Crowds of people
湯豆腐6 mons ago
A fairly large yard
Simon J Green6 mons ago
@TAY TAY we shot on a Kodak PixPro SP360 4K.
Simon J Green6 mons ago
@Felix M no. This film has nothing to do with any religion.
Simon J Green6 mons ago
@Cicero Runte indeed it is. Fun fact, in Australia we don't have asylums anymore. The one we shot in was part of the style of the time, being the early 1900 when people were locked up for terrible reasons that had very little to do with mental health, and more with vicious petty politics or grudges. This one had an awful little room with a square hole that people were hosed down inside. Yeesh. It was shut down and converted in the late 20th century, like most former asylums in Australia.