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Skiathos Airport is world famous for its short runway the car park and beach right at the end of the runway can give visitor an interesting airport view. The Transavia 757-800 can be seen making its approach over the sea and passing right over to land on the runway. 
Carol Yin6 mons ago
Hey Paul, this is Carol from VeeR VR! Love the videos you've been posting and would like to invite you to join our facebook community for global VR travel content creators! You can find us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1947740378821193/
Dereck Hudson10 mons ago
Wow the airplane is flying just above their head ! So cool
Bryon Rice10 mons ago
The water is unbelievably clear and shiny under sunshine with a Tiffany blue ! God
Reva Rath III11 mons ago
Hey man why not adjust your orientation by Veer editor to make it focus on the beautiful ocean ?