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Join an expedition of a lifetime through the Grand Canyon and learn why President Theodore Roosevelt asked America a hundred years ago to "Leave it as it is." "As It Is: A Grand Canyon VR Documentary" will take you on a journey down the mighty Colorado River to see the Grand Canyon as too few do, from the bottom, looking up. You will run it's biggest whitewater rapids. You will explore its narrow slot canyons. You will travel through “geologic time” as you glide through the Vishnu Schist. And you will learn, what too few people have been down there to see...what could be lost if development shatters this vast wilderness. 

Full length documentary coming soon!
Mina Bradley1 yr ago
Can’t wait for the full film!
i went to rafting once before ,its a unforgettable trip😜😜
360 Labs1 yr ago
@Joesph Goldner the Colorado River can be many colors, but most often it's brown due to the massive amount of silt that washes through it when there's been lots of rain.
the mountains are so tall ,but why the water is yellow?