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"When your life turns into an endless night, and you feel like into a lifeless surface, and the only thing you can see is a dark abyss below you... Take a moment to look around with the eyes of your heart, and you will realize that the light of the stars is always there to guide you..."

That's what THE TREE OF LIFE is about... And the great Scott Rudd (www.srfilm.co.uk) represented it amazingly on this fantasy lanscape!

Mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (www.jacobhansen.com)

Official website: https://www.tragul.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tragulmusic
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Zuberoa Aznárez (Vocals)
Adrian Benegas (Keyboards)
Steve Conley (Guitars)
Oliver Holzwarth (Bass)
Alex Holzwarth (Drums)
Tiara Labadie8 mons ago
The colorful trees are our colorful dreams.
Elvie McClure8 mons ago
I really hope to see the light of life in real life. Come on!