Limelight Muskoka
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Track and Tower Trail in Algonquin Pack with its rivers, beautiful waterfalls, extraordinary vistas with a view over Cache Lake. An old abandoned Railroad from Ottawa to Georgian Bay owned by baron: J.R. Booth thw only way into the park 100 years ago. Where you can find remnants of the rail in the the trails. It was the for the park with a train station and several grand resorts thaat have all but disapeared from the landscape.  Please contact us at (705) 990-0950 or 905 830-3024 and see our website at and visit us on Facebook at
rosa nada
rosa nada1 wk ago
Bon Voyage! You may use the Veer editor app to edit and upload ur vid right after u shoot it during travelling.
Jonathan Lövholm
Great video, keep it up!