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Track and Tower Trail in Algonquin Pack with its rivers, beautiful waterfalls, extraordinary vistas with a view over Cache Lake. An old abandoned Railroad from Ottawa to Georgian Bay owned by baron: J.R. Booth thw only way into the park 100 years ago. Where you can find remnants of the rail in the the trails. It was the for the park with a train station and several grand resorts thaat have all but disapeared from the landscape.  Please contact us at (705) 990-0950 or 905 830-3024 and see our website at www.limelightmuskoka.com and visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/LimelightMuskoka
rosa nada1 yr ago
Bon Voyage! You may use the Veer editor app to edit and upload ur vid right after u shoot it during travelling. https://veer.tv/veer-editor
Great video, keep it up!