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The old city gate was Speyer’s western city gate and part of the Middle Ages fortification that consisted of 68 wall and gate towers. Facing the cathedral, it defines the end of Maximilian Street.
Construction started in 1230. Three hundred years later, the topmost floor of the tower with its late Gothic tracery balustrade and arcade arch of the gallery were added. The steep roof with the lantern has its origin in 1708. At 188 feet, it is one of the highest and most significant city gates in Germany. It shows its richly articulated side to the city; the embrasures on the west side allude to the defensive function of the tower. 
Kailyn Kessler8 mons ago
The passage is too narrow for two people to pass through.😂😂
Jaeden Haley8 mons ago
It is very imaginable that in ancient times where science and technology were not developed, people could still build such a magnificent building.
Else Waters8 mons ago
I really love this place. The crowded but arranged house made me feel lively and comfortable.
The scenery in the old city was really unusual, and I saw a fat gentleman walking through a crowded aisle, which was a bit funny.