This cut of the film was made public on Veer accidentally and was not intended as a final version. However due to the number of people who have viewed and favorited it we decided to keep it available for them. Please view our channel to see the final 'Directors Cut'.

On the 30th April 2017, Stage 3 of the "Tour de Yorkshire" departs from Bradford city park over a 170km route to Fox Valley Sheffield. The route features 5 'graded' climbs which we've filmed in 360° so you can join us in VR and experience some of the highlights that the cyclists will be seeing on the day. This climb is Côte de Silsden, where you will enjoy views of the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. Jump on a stationary bike and pedal along for added immersion!

Originally produced for the National Science and Media Museum as part of their #Lates #Wonderlab events by we-are-vr.co.uk and timcurtisartis.co.uk.

Music by bensound.com
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