Please enjoy this 360/VR video of Toronto's TTC Bay Lower station. 

Bay Lower is a subway platform that sits below Bay Station. It was only open to the public for 6 months. Special thanks to Matthew Blackett of Spacing, and Brad Ross of the TTC.

Here is the audio transcript of my narration:

While commonly referred to as Lower Bay, the TTC refers to the station as Bay Lower. 

Bay is similar to St George station in design, with both upper and lower levels. The one major difference is that Lower Bay interlines with Line 1, Yonge/University, whereas Lower St George interlines with line 2, the Bloor/Danforth line

The TTC subway system opened in 1954, with one line from Eglinton to Union. In 1963 the subway was extended from Union along University to St George. Then in 1966, Line 2 opened along Bloor/Danforth between Keele and Woodbine. Bay Lower station was also built in 1966, but serviced customers for just 6 months. 

At that time this station was used for “inter-lining,” when trains share the same track, but have a different destination or termination. A train would leave Eglinton, travel south under Yonge street to Union Station, and then northbound under University Ave. to Museum station, where it would cut across into Bay Lower, continuing Eastbound from there to Woodbine Station.

It became very confusing for people, as there were two options to go eastbound from Bay Station. Passengers would often wait on the stairs and run up or down, based on which train arrived first. Furthermore, if one train was disabled at Bay Lower, both lines would be delayed.

This experiment of inter-lining and using Bay Lower only lasted 6 months. 

Today Bay Lower is well utilized, serving many purposes, including the transferring of trains and work cars between lines, testing of ceiling tiles, floor tiles, the yellow safety line, and additional staff training. It is also used for films, television shows, commercials, as well as training for police, fire, EMS, and additional emergency simulations.

If you’re heading west from Yonge station you can briefly see Bay Lower as the train passes by the station.
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