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It was a great pleasure to participate alongside all the creative people engaged in the creation of the project Topophilia. The project proposes a pavilion that emulates the feeling of being present in Bucharest's Vacaresti Natural Park, through image, sound and architectural design.
The video presents some making off sequences in Vacaresti Natural Park in Bucharest, and a test assembly of the stand at Atelier Vast.

Topophilia is the result of an architecture competition organised by The Architects’ Order of Romania (OAR) for the Romanian stand at the UIA Congress in Seoul 4-7 september 2017. 

If you plan on travelling to Bucharest do take the time to have a stroll in the totally unique Vacaresti National Park.

usefull links:
Seul congress: www.uia2017seoul.org
Vacaresti National Park: parcnaturalvacaresti.ro
The competition: http://oar.archi/ro/concursuri/proiecte/concurs-standul-romaniei-la-congresul-uia-seul-2017

The project was designed and built by
stardust architects*  
Vlad Stoica / Wolfhouse Productions 
Atelier Vast 
coVR videos
Catalin Matei / sillyconductor 
Cezar Somitca / Les Ateliers Nomad 

Illustrated by: Irina Mateescu 

with the precious help of 
Nod Makerspace
Atelier Tron
Roxana Bâra / Studio Mud
Cristina Zlota / Wolfhouse Productions
Irina Bolboceanu

and the wonderful support of 
Parcul Natural Văcărești
Benq Romania
Konika Minolta
coVR1 yr ago
Thank you all for the appreciations and comments. Do follow our channel to see other great projects in Romania, and hopefully better and better content as we go forth.
wow ,i want to do something like that too😍😍❤❤❤
icy girl1 yr ago
you guys are great, you will do a good job.😜😜
wow its amazing! if i have a chance, i am definitely going to see that!!😍😍😍😍
coVR1 yr ago
The name was chosen for the Romanian Pavilion in Seul as the pavilion shall emulate the experience of being in the Vacaresti Natural Park which has a verry powerfull cultural aspect for Bucharest, but is also extremely unique for protected natural parks as it is within the city limits and came to exist on a man made lake left unatended, with nature taking over.
coVR1 yr ago
Topophilia (From Greek topos "place" and -philia, "love of"\[1\]) is a strong sense of place, which often becomes mixed with the sense of cultural identity among certain people and a love of certain aspects of such a place.
t can be a remarkable wrok.❤❤❤ though i dont really konw the meaning.hh.