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A member of the family grows up, kinda.


This video was a long time coming! I've never done any computer animation before, or worked in 360. But I'm really happy with the outcome and how it all came together! Same standard rules apply. If you like the video, hit the old like and subscribe buttons and share it around! I'm actually super proud of this one so I'll be shoving it in the faces of all my friends and foes, and if you wanna do the same then absolutely feel free!

A huge thanks to Ali Lightfoot and Maria Dorey for lending their voices to this!

You can find Ali here:
YouTube: http://youtube.com/AliLightfoot
Twitter: @HedlesChkn


Social Media:
Twitter: @joel_blundell
Instagram: @joel_blundell
Snapchat: joel_blundell

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King Khalid1 yr ago
gang Gang
King Khalid1 yr ago
nice 馃槞馃槕馃槈馃槉馃槞
360 CAM LAND1 yr ago
this is awesome! so so funny and random