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Tony Parker plays basketball at Jungfraujoch the Top of Europe

The highest ever game of basketball has been played at 3454m in the Swiss Alps, on a plot of improvised Basketball.

Fans and media trekked to the glacier to witness the unique match which inevitably had stunning views.

NBA-Star Tony Parker who is sponsored by Swiss watchmaking company Tissot, said: “I’m always up for new challenges, so when Tissot suggested I play a game at the top of Europe, I thought it was a great opportunity to do something exceptional… We don’t often get to play often in such extreme conditions."
Does this environment affect their play?
Christy Whalin3 mons ago
Haha, to be honest, the mountains are more attrractive than basketball for me.
Tiago Martin3 mons ago
Yeah, I think so
Rolla Salam3 mons ago
It is the most special place to play basketball. 😎