Six years ago on August 18th Tonga went under the knife for the life saving surgery of a nasal planectomy (removal of the nose).  Tonga had a recurring wound on the tip of his nose.  A biopsy was taken of the affected area and the results indicated it was a squamous cell carcinoma; in other words skin cancer.  He was taken to a specialized clinic nearby where a CT scan was performed to determine if Tonga was a candidate for surgery. Fortunately the doctors felt that slim margins could be taken and thus removal of the mass would be curative.  Tonga’s surgery was four years ago and he has been doing great ever since.  We are so happy that Tonga has beaten cancer and grateful for the doctors who saved his life.

8/21/18 Tonga was brought in for diagnostics because his appetite was waning.  He had a high white blood cell count and is on antibiotics, in case there is an infection, but the preliminary results indicate the cancer may be back.

8/23/18 Tonga was euthanized by Dr. Boorstein after exploratory surgery, following a lab report of cancer, .  The exploratory showed the cancer to be wrapped around his intestines, heart, stomach and liver so the only kind thing to do was to ease him over the rainbow bridge.  He’s already dressed in white.  He just needed his wings.

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