A quick highlight of the majority of things and places I was able to capture with my 360 camera. This was my first time in Japan and in Tokyo so it was all very new to me! The 360 camera used for this footage was the GoPro Fusion and filmed in early June, 2018.

Also available on YouTube: https://youtu.be/o253-G7LAQI

Locations covered in the video:
Narita Airport: 0:00
Pokemon Center and Cafe in Nihombashi: 0:09
Meiji Shrine, Yoyogi Park: 1:06
Takeshita Street: 2:23
Kawaii Monster Cafe: 2:48
Cat Cafe, Harajuku: 3:36
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building: 4:02
New York Bar, Park Hyatt Shinjuku: 4:18
Robot Bar: 4:32
Edo Tokyo Museum, Ryogoku: 5:07
Ueno Onshi Park: 5:38
Akihabara: 5:57
Super Potato, Akihabara: 6:10
Tokyo Disney Sea: 6:26
Sanrio Puroland, Tama: 7:37
Tokyo Tower, Zojo-ji Shrine: 8:16
Anata No Warehouse: 8:34
Thanks! You should, it’s an amazing place.
Wow, you really visit a lot of places in Japan, thank you very much for your carefully marking the place name, if I have the chance to go to Japan, I will go to the places your show.