In this video we ride through both Aquatopia and the Venetian Gondolas at the Tokyo Disney Sea in 360 video. Aquatopia is a ride featured in the Port Discovery section of the park. Aquatopia utilizes a trackless technology and each ride is randomized to be a little different than the last ride, however you have no control over the vehicle. While they tease that you might get wet, it never appears to actually happen. The Venetian Gondolas are boarded from the Mediterranean Harbor and while they are not very exciting it's a nice little stroll through the themed area of the park.

This footage was captured with the Go Pro Fusion. You'll find that in low light conditions the camera struggles, however something you really notice in this footage is the rendering software's ability to stabilize very well. Instead of spinning in circles when the Aquatopia vehicle spins, the footage stays in place and instead the vehicle appears to spin around the camera.
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