First and foremost, yeah I know there are problems with some of the hands and elbows of some of the models. Unfortunately, I don't fully understand how to fix it, but I at least tried to get rid of some of the more serious ones. I only ask that you please try and ignore them the best you can.

I am also thinking of releasing a 180 SBS version like my Tiny Wave video, and hopefully by that time I will have fixed some of the problems that are in this video. However, that might take awhile due to a lot of reasons, so if you are wanting to see that, please be patient.

Now to talk about the video itself, I hope that it doesn't seem too colorful to you. I personally think it looks really good, but that is just my opinion. The entire idea is that you are in a dark, less colorful place (reality) at the beginning, but as soon as you get down to the tiny models, you are transported to a very blue and colorful place (and then at the end you return to the bleak reality). If anyone wants me to, I can create a reality version that would look like essentially what it looks like at the end (reality version). In fact, if you go to my twitter you can see what that looks like with the earlier version I posted of this. Also, yes that was Rin and Len in their beds, with Len's room being the place you watch these miniature Rin's dance (I wonder what Rin would think of that if she saw it).

Either way, I think I am happy with how this turned out, and in doing this I have figured out a good way to fix the parallax issue that has been plaguing me for awhile. Unfortunately, I couldn't really do the method I figured out in this video, since I figured it out too late and would have needed to essentially start the video from scratch to do it effectively. Oh well, if I am able to pull it off, it might actually make sense for my videos to be used as 360 videos. 

Also, sorry to anyone who might have been waiting for this video, I had to upload this video three times due to Veer failing the other two. Unfortunately, I had to wait until it was done processing to see if it failed, and the processing can sometimes take forever.

Anyway, here are the Credits:

- MikuMikuDance

- TDA Rin Bikini Type-C by Murabito124 http://murabito124.deviantart.com/art/MMD-Tda-Rin-Bikini-Type-C-DL-597532504
- YYB Sailor Rin by maydayfireball http://maydayfireball.deviantart.com/art/YYB-Sailor-Set-Download-571641192
- TDA Sailor Rin by Akkarin-rurika
- TDA Sailor Dress Rin by Amy-ChanNyah

- Tropical Small Beach by kaahgomedl http://kaahgomedl.deviantart.com/art/Small-tropical-beach-611585960
- Double Bedroom by kaahgomedl http://kaahgomedl.deviantart.com/art/Double-Bedroom-612048015

- MikuMikuDomeMaster by Caeru.E型 https://twitter.com/Caeru_Odin
- SSAO_Cubes.x
- WorkingFloorX.x
- SoftLightA.x
- SoftLightB.x
- ExcellentShadow-Cubes.x
- o_SelfOverlay_Soft.x
- o_LikeHDR.x
- dAdultShader (modified by me)
   all effects used were included in the MikuMikuDomeMaster.zip, NCHLShader2.zip, mme_downloads_by_garry_thebluestrose-d6pzecv.zip, and dAdulstshader.zip

- Marine Dreamin' by ゆみこ先生 / Yumiko a.k.a.MTP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAfznu4wUzQ
- Hands+Face motion by KamalooLlama https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5oREFVwoC8

- Marine Dreamin' by 八王子P × 鹿乃 https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/marine-dreamin-single/id989585551

- by me
hmmm this vodeo give me some inspiration. you like to talk about it?
Rahn MMD VR1 yr ago
@Aitana María López Pérez I am sorry about the late response, but I do completely agree with you in that there aren't many 360 videos of Rin. Also, I will admit I have been trying to figure out a good way to do live concert videos, so yeah I don't mind making a video like that. The issue is that it will probably only be one, maybe two songs, since I just don't have enough space on my hard drive to render anything close to a concert (my videos take up about 160 gb now and I only have 300 gb free.
hi , I love Rin! but there aren't many 360° videos of just her , this is just a suggestion but could you make a live concert one? but not with you in the stage with her , I mean I the croud , there aren't ANY like those with rin and I wish there were because being in the croud makes it more real , sorry if is askig too much but im a sad girl seeing how Rin sI inder preciated ,but really this video is adorable!and I love the seifuku model is so so cuteeeee
Rahn MMD VR2 yrs ago
@Sisters Attic Sorry about the really late reply, unfortunately I missed your message in my notifications. I am sure these models took a lot of time to make, however I am not the one who did it. All of the models I have used were made by others, at most I have only edited them very slightly. I do have a credits section at the bottom of my description in every single one of my videos, so if you are ever curious about who made the models, you can check there.
Sisters Attic2 yrs ago
the model is nicely made. It must have taken up much of your time.