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Join us at the table for our 360 Dungeons & Dragons gameplay series, Darkhounds with the hosts of the GameMasters' Studio Podcast and a few of their friends! 

In the world of V'rath on the Continent of Merizian these adventurer's have joined the Silver outlet of the Dragon Tail adventurer's guild. As members of the guild they have been sent out to help protect the inhabitants of the Pladius region and fight off various enemies.

The party meets Clovis, the man behind the footprints.

The party regroups at the DragonTail guild hall to train and gather information.

Dungeons and Dragons 5e

Jared aka "DM.F"

Jerry: Tristan "Stormmane" Bestor (Human, Tempest Cleric)
Ed: Ascott Summerston (Human, Wild Sorcerer/Warlock)
JR: Mizr Snowfang (Brah, Paladin of the Ancient Oath)
David: Jorell Magnusson (Human, Druid of the Land)
Ashley: Neriah Stonefury (Human, Eldritch Knight)
Derek & Brandon Fiechter
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