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Originally recorded to help young cancer patients in a Norwegian hospital during the sometimes many weeks of isolation in a highly sterile recovery room after bone marrow transplants, this private Virtual Reality (VR) Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Therapy session features Chrystal Nathal, a well known sound healer who has been helping people with the soothing sounds of her Tibetan Singing Bowls for over 15 years. Chrystal has long dreamed of playing her singing bowls for hospital patients and now, through the possibilities of Virtual Reality, this dream has come true. Some of Chrystal's singing bowls are handcrafted specifically for her by Tibetan monks and sound healers and carry special energies that help to soothe a restless and anxious mind by helping to bring the body and mind's vibrations back into tune. With this Virtual Reality (VR) Video you too can book a private sound therapy session with Chrystal and her healing singing bowls. So go ahead and for the first time in history, book your very own Sound Therapy session at home and experience the soothing and healing power of Chrystal's Master Tibetan Singing Bowls over and over again. 
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