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This was an experiment to highlight current capabilities/limitations of what Adobe's 360 editing software allows in the early stages of 360 editing and creation (shot and edited in August 2017)

See the 16x9/2D version here: vimeo.com/251550444

Monique finds herself in a dead-end job where everyday seems the same. She longs to get up the courage to quit her job and travel the world.  When an accident happens at the office she goes into this lucid dream and finds herself in some amazing places in the world.  In the end she decides to take her happiness in her own hands.
I like your narrative and post production proposal
Shaun Jerde DDS8 mons ago
@Sebastian Hammes A person with personality will design his office like this.
Is this your office? I can only say that working here can hardly bring me security.
Thanks for sharing! To help more people discover your work, we have added a few relevant hashtag(s) for you: #ThroughHerLens. Looking forward to your next work!