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Want to make a difference in the health care industry? The Learning Partnership gives you a look at life at Lakeridge Health, one of Ontario's largest community hospitals, serving people across Durham Region and beyond. 

Lakeridge employs approximately 560 doctors and 4,037 staff members, including a range of health care professionals, such as physiotherapists, nurses, pediatricians and more. 

Careers showcased:
• Physiotherapist - http://bit.ly/2eoFvMQ
• Rehab Assistant - http://bit.ly/2erJYvo
• Occupational Therapist - http://bit.ly/2du28zE
• Respiratory Therapist - http://bit.ly/2dVuRcG

Learn more about Take Our Kids to Work Day on The Learning Partnership's website at http://www.thelearningpartnership.ca. Join the conversation on Twitter with the #KidstoWork hashtag and by following @TLPCanada.
@Marques Hilpert Take Our Kids to Work supports career exploration and career readiness among Canadian public school students in Grade 9!
Lexie Mans1 wk ago
I hope everyone can have the right to enjoy this service, really hope it will come true.
Zia kat1 wk ago
It would be perfect if every hospital in the world could be like this.
What is it about the project TAKE OUR KIDS TO WORK?
You guys are truly living angel !
Kyra Wiegand1 wk ago
God bless all of you kind people