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Journey through a maze of stunning islands at the golden break of dawn. This nature paradise is truly one of a kind, nestled on the St. Lawrence River between Canada and  the U.S.A. Loose yourself to the absolute splendor aboard this otherworldly adventure in the heart of the Thousand Islands. 

Enjoy in 3D!
Yummyvr8 mons ago
@Carlo Stroman Thank you! We plan to make more videos touring this beautiful place on earth!
Caterina Barra8 mons ago
Did you use any filter from the Veer editor app? Your vid's like a landscape painting.
Carlo Stroman8 mons ago
very refreshing, relaxing, and inspring tour, it is truly a nature paradise; hope u will upload a tour filmed at the dusk, is there any differences?
i am completely imopressed by the the stunningly beautiful Thousand Islands, and desperate for a boat tour in the gleaming of first beam