The film begins with the foreign director himself on the street inviting the local people to read poems of Salar randomly. The audience will go all the way from the perspective of a seeker, to Xunhua, the most ancient mosque in the Salar, to the spring of the camel fountain, which records the migration and reproduction of the Salar.

An ancient legend is a clue throughout the film. The story of Salar people is told by a villager.  Ancestors of Salar took the white camels carrying the the	koran hundreds of years ago to this place, the last camel lost in the way but was found luckily in the end. Eventually, the people settled down and build their homeland.

In the story, the director combines the traditional rapping of Sara and the sight of the spectacular Yellow River, captures the innocence and curiosity of the local children about the 360° camera, and records the ceremony of praying. The videos of poetry reading expresses the splendid spiritual and cultural achievements of the salar people. This film shows the real and natural landscape of the Saras.
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