The Trevi Fountain 360 video.Please watch in 4K. 

Wen a young man proposed to his girlfriend at the Trevi Fountain everyone around starting cheering and congratulating.
See right on the screen.....And then turn to where you want the picture.....Welcome to 360 world.

The Trevi Fountain provides a large and hopefully applauding audience for the less shy couples. Throw a coin into the fountain – but not the ring! – And everyone, so the legend, returns to Rome; yet hopefully not alone.

One of Rome’s most popular landmarks and probably the most famous fountain in the world, the stunning Fontana di Trevi was immortalised in the 1960 classic Fellini film La Dolce Vita, starring Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg - who famously frolics in the fountain on a balmy Roman night. this beautiful Renaissance masterpiece is generally regarded as one of Rome’s most romantic spots.

360 video/www.mstudio.gr
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Rome is the city of fountains. The Trevi Fountain is the most beautiful of them and ideally, you visit it when it is illuminated the last night of your visit to Rome. #IWasHere several times and I always threw a coin over my right shoulder into the fountain. As this is a popular habit, about 1 million Euros are collected every year and donated to Caritas. If you wish to capture the fountain without tourists, make sure to go there in the early morning hours.
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