Are you looking for a fun way to interact with your dog? Are you looking for a way to disassociate yourself from an award? The Treat and Train Reward System is a great way to introduce your dogs to some advanced concepts and keeping training really fun. In this video, Al the Dog Trainer is going to show you some of the different functions of the treat and train system and also how he gets a dog started, and then he will show you how he uses it with his German Shepherd, Gabby.

0:38 What is the Treat and Train system?
0:55 Why Should I Use the Treat and Train System?
1:04 When should you use the Treat and Train System?
1:15 Where should I set up my system?
1:30 How to set up your system
3:43 The remote control
4:15 First time use- introducing it to your dog
7:51 Targeting stick- demonstration 

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