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The ToyBox is an attempt to create stop motion animation in 360. It was shot frame-by-frame with a Ricoh Theta V and edited in Adobe Premiere and Quicktime Pro. Sound FX were found online (royalty free/creative commons).  All shooting, editing and pre-production by Jason Sievers.
Great !!! beaucoup d'imagination trés bien !!!
Dan King10 mons ago
Such creativity! So much time and effort went into this!
Treva Bode10 mons ago
Great animation
Orin Heathcote10 mons ago
Many toys played in childhood
VeeR's Watch10 mons ago
@Jason Sievers Unfortunately I never watched any of these animators's work but Jan is my favorite director so far and your animation just reminded me of him. I like that his animation could be surreal and realistic at the same time, and that he could put quite some political metaphors in his work against the Soviet Union during and after the Prague spring, which is quite brave.
Brandy Brakus10 mons ago
Heard the voice of the baby
Jeanie Sipes10 mons ago
Is this in a big box?
Jason Sievers10 mons ago
@Go360inc My movements were just too fast this time! I slowed it down in edit but you can only go so far without having the additional frames. Definitely some lessons learned on this little project!
Go360inc10 mons ago
not that much time I though you would take a few days worth of work nice quality image thata V as. is there any way you could slow somo animations I loved the movie but sometimes I couldn't keep up with the moving animation. but it was very fun to wath keep wondering wath toy would be next.👍😁🖒