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A little sneak peak on our  Minecraft Taj Mahal build.
It is the entire Taj Mahal domain we are building.

The video is captured in several weather conditions
It starts foggy. then moves to clear weather, then to night.
This is the very first time we make a 360 degree video. Excuse us if the quality is not 100% yet. 

We wanted to give you guys a look in to our work while it is still being built and at the same time its a great test on 360° processing..
Click the video  and move your mouse to look around as if you are on the map yourself.
Remember, this is still in the process of being created.

Enjoy this little preview of one of the upcoming projects.

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Mabel Olson1 yr ago
The feeling inside the cartoon
Is there such a building in reality? Or is this completely virtual ?
There are trees on both sides
We are in the middle of the castle, all around us are four walls but the scenery is beautiful.
Like a fairy tale
Is this a castle