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Lydia Night and company sound out their feelings as New Wop phenom The Regrettes. Hey Now will get you dancing, A Living Human Girl will make you giggle, and Hot will make you cheer. This band would be the heroes of any high school outcast but they're already veteran artists in their own right, crafting collectible choruses on every tune. And don't forget the fab art by Jason Mecier adorning our secret spot. Talk about collectible! Saturday Feb 25 2017.

1. I(d)ly
2. Juicebox Baby
3. Lacy Loo
4. Hey Now
5. Picture Perfect
6. A Living Human Girl
7. Bronze
8. Pale Skin
9. Seashore
10. Hot

Producer - Anne Cook
Switcher - Regina Larre Campuzano
Audio Engineer - Xavier Merono
Cameraman - Arnold Dizon
Cameraman - Jeremy Solterbeck
Photography - Rachel Escoto
Social Media Coordinator - Marissa Flores

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