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Zaki lives in Gawilan refugee camp and is so poor that there is never enough food for the entire family.

Use a Google Cardboard, or other headset, to experience this scene in virtual reality.

Syria has been in a civil war for the past 5 years. 12,2 million Syrian people are depending on humanitarian aid. 92% of the Syrian refugees are given shelter in the 4 neighboring countries. 250.000 of them have found refuge in Iraq. Over 50% of the refugees are children. The majority of them have not been educated in the past 5 years...

In December 2015 Stichting Vluchteling and VR Gorilla worked together to film this series of portraits in Kurdistan, the Northern part of Iraq.

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Deven DuBuque9 mons ago
It's hard to see that. There are still some people in the world who cannot live safely. But I believe that happiness will come one day!
Enos Kutch9 mons ago
I really hope everything goes well there including their diet, their housing, their clothes and so on.
Neha Fisher9 mons ago
There will never be enough food. I can't imagine your life, but I really hope you can get rid of it as soon as possible.
Damaris Keeling9 mons ago
Poor innocent people! Those calling for war will stop now! Hope the world is peaceful forever, return them a peaceful life!