Jake and Joe are at it again, this time disposing of a clients 'waste' at the beach, but with raging winds and the tide closing in, is it all too much with a bent shovel?
The Body Still Breathes (BSB) episode 2 is a shorter continuation of our comical series. We love watching these two fail, and have many more longer episodes in the pipeline. 

On a technical stand point, perhaps filming on the beach in these conditions wasn't the best idea, (desperately trying to keep the monopod still for one) but we had a blast doing it. Many more to come if we see the duo doing well.

If you haven't taken a peep already, we keep you informed on what's up next on our website and we will be instagram-ing behind the scenes stuff too. Both links can be found below. 

Hope this makes you smile.


VeeR's Watch1 yr ago
@Adrift Pictures Cool, look forward to it!!
@VeeR's Watch I think it's a very good point - it's 360 after all - and we did consider it but with them burying a body it didn't seem right, so we just added the runner instead. Will keep it in mind for next time.
VeeR's Watch1 yr ago
I think it'd be even more interesting if there's something happening on the other side of the lens, what do you think?