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The March of the Immortal Regiment in Moscow 2018.
March commemorating the participants of World War II who fought against Nazi Germany is being held in Moscow.
The Immortal Regiment is a non-commercial and non-political initiative, and participation is voluntary.
The first Immortal Regiment march took place in 2012 in Tomsk at the initiative of local TV journalists. About 6,000 people marched along the city’s central street displaying 2,000 photos of war veterans.

VR video.
Samsung Gear 360 (2017).
9 may 2018.
Moscow, Russia.
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Urban Metz9 mons ago
There are so many people watching! It was the first time I had seen so many people watching an event in addition to the national military parade.
I was very moved by the enthusiasm of the march. Soooo huge groups.
Chloe Tillman9 mons ago
That’s something.i bet it looks much magnificent in real eyes 👀