Putting the Insta360 One through its paces with my happy children in Fall 2017 (Watch in 4k on Google Cardboard)

Technical Details:
Shot on the Insta360 One, Exported, stitched, from Insta360 Studio at 120mbps, Edited in Premiere Pro CC 2018 on a VR timeline, Noise removal using Neat Video 4, Sharpened with Immersive Sharpening effect in CC 2018, Color Graded with Lumetri in CC 2018, Exported H.264 VBR 2 pass through Media Encoder CC 2018.

Feel free to ask questions regarding the workflow or 360. I'm testing the camera to see the possibilities of using 360 for a narrative film in the future.

-Thumbnail Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash
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