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The ocasion is the visit of the president of Iceland. The first visit in 20 years.
Kevin Letvik11 mons ago
@Amos Bar-Zeev Hmm, that is an interesting thought! I wonder, maybe we've developed a better way of transportation or better materials for nowdays "roads"? well hell with it, maybe we're driving flying cars and look down on the solid human-made rock floor witch nobody know the purpose of? will we ever live too experience that day? Only time will show I guess.
Amos Bar-Zeev11 mons ago
its full of history and stories,we can record these things by our camera and our memory , will we feel a bit different when we seen this video in the future?
Kevin Letvik1 yr ago
@Amparo Hartmann hey buddy , thanks for commenting! I dont know why the european countries got these Stone roads. I might have something to do that the country prioritize it and dont take the money for them selfs?
i am curious why there are so many stone roads in England or even Europe? comparing with that in some developing countries?