Corporate Giving Connection (CGC) produced this virtual reality film on behalf of client VFF USA, the U.S. arm of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation which is a nonprofit supporting women through education, housing, and vocational training. Their reach has spanned throughout 3,200 villages in Southern India and has created hope for the next generation of Indian women. 

THE EMPOWERED is the story of three women and how the Vicente Ferrer Foundation has helped to transform their lives. In rural areas of India, a majority of women are illiterate. Girls are now sent to school but are often deprived of secondary education. Women are victims of gender based discrimination throughout their lives, even before they are born. Watch THE EMPOWERED and be transported to the villages of the Andrha Pradesh region and visit with Anji, Nallamma, and Sarojamma to hear and see how VFF has changed their lives.

For more information, visit cgcgiving.com.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Rural Development Trust, Vicente Ferrer Foundation, Nallama, Sarojama, Anjie, Judit Algueró, Nagappa Boya, Jaishree Sakhrani, Trupti Gorajia, Sushma Pillai

Executive Producers: Raul Gasteazoro, Dmitry Koshutin, Brandon McCarty, Chris Hammond
Director: Raul Gasteazoro
Writers: Brandon McCarty, Chris Hammond, Black Powder Works
Editor: Black Powder Works
Executive Director, VFF USA: Angelina Kouthis
Drivers: Sadiq Sheik, Lakshminaraina Chakali, Venkatesh Harijana
VFF Communications: Nagappa Boya, Ramamohan Jakka, Judit Algueró
VFF, Ecology Sector: Beeralingappa Kuruba, Hemmalatta, Prakash Reddy
VFF, Area Team Leader: Subba Rao
Fair Trade Workshop, Udegolam: Lakshmi
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