Experience the exquisite Deir Taanayel forest, Lebanon and the sense of the autumn season in 360 video.

Taanayel can be summarized with these two verses (Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?) because once you stand there, you will feel compelled to question whether this place is real or not. This gorgeous village is a piece of heaven; alleys made of a multitude of trees are all over the place, ducks roaming a small lake’s calm water, vineyards that bring Italy’s Tuscany to one’s mind and white vacant benches.

Taanayel is home to a variety of animals. You will see cows, goats, chickens, rare birds, peacocks, horses, pigs etc. Next to the little farm, you will find a shop that sells the produceof the farm such as labne, yoghurt, gouda cheese, halloum, jam, milk, wine etc. Bear in mind that the prices are cheaper in the shops outside the farm but the same high quality is definitely not guaranteed. This shop also provides the entrance and activities tickets. In order to see the village, one can rent a bike or choose to walk.

Description from: http://roadtriphacks.com/taanayel/

Shot using Samsung Gear 360
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