Did you wish you were at the battle for Berkeley? Well now you can with the VR 360 video from todays events. Enjoy as the Patriots defend their free speech stage with fists while the fascists disguised as "anti-fa" resorted to throwing m80s, glass candles featuring biblical people, and rocks the size of bricks. They used a tactic of throwing bagels to make Trump supporters drop their guard from the incoming projectiles. Then they would hurl rocks the same color as the bagels which were the size of softballs. The m80s were constant and watch closely as one nearly blows a man's face off. Eventually the fight was able to push anti-fa back a block into an intersection. While the pepper spraying and bloodied heads grew in frequency the cops were no where to be seen since the first skirmish of the day hours prior. Anti-fa released a smoke bomb without realizing the wind was blowing toward them. Giving us the chance to take the next two blocks, scattering their forces into corners, and scrapping until victory. This was a huge win for America!

I also spent time live streaming through Periscope where I meet Stickman, Lauren Southern, Tim Pool, and others! If you enjoyed my pov and want to see that
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