Immerse yourself in our 360 family travel video of the TEMPLE OF HEAVEN in CHINA. Follow our 360 travel family as we travel the world filming amazing 2D and 3D video of our experiences. 

You've seen the 2D Videos for Ep: 54. Now Immerse yourself in The TEMPLE OF HEAVEN Beijing China for a virtual reality experience of this amazing place. Wonder around the many temples and see a 360 view of the oldest Cypres tree in the gardens which is over 500 years old! See the amazing temples and the circle of Circular Mound Alter and see for miles across Beijing.

Episode 54 2D Version: https://youtu.be/aoA1kdjX9AM

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This is the CHINA section of our #TakeTheLeap adventure. We are on a world tour currently covering Asia. Its a slow travel project living in some countries for months or moving from place to place weekly. Our aim is to see the world and be responsible family travelers.

With Real family travel and family travel videos are released every Thursday and Sunday and bonus travel with kids information videos and 360 Virtual Reality Videos on what to do with kids, fun things to do with kids while travelling as well as practical family travel and travel family video and information is released daily or every other day (depending on Wifi access!)

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nataya H.1 yr ago
This place is a mircle. How did ancient Chinese make such wooden architecture ?
@Paul Simpson Thanks Paul it is an amazing place. You can see more of our videos on our Travel vlog Family travel channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAvuWaT6bLvS4zlLRuSuaFg?sub_confirmation=1v
That looks like it was a beautiful day and your family had loads of fun.