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THAILAND WHERE TO GO TRAIN FOR IRONMAN TRIATHLON! https://www.trinirvana.space/ for our HQ & more info on our TrainingVR package & Secret Training Camps in Thailand. Triathlon strength training is & we like to get acute with our workouts! please visit our website: https://www.trinirvana.space/ your portal to triathlon nirvana. #CATCHTHESUN 

Whether you're looking for a triathlon training plan for beginners, training for ironman triathlon or triathlon training tips, we have just the right brew for you... For maximum reaction & total immersion please plug in your VR Headset and lose yourself in Tri Nirvana. See you in the Paradise Simulation!

Special Thanks to Hanuman & Sichonman...
Swimming pool. I am gonna jump into this cool water.
Sam Burns7 mons ago
Yes I am thank you :)
Jadyn Bauch7 mons ago
Are you a coach?cool