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Este templo, obra del arquitecto don Francisco Tresguerras es desde 1614 uno de las más bellas obras Estado de Querétaro, Mexico. Cuenta con una estructura de seis helénicas columnas rematadas por un frontón triangular, todo realizado en cantera perfectamente labrada. Actualmente es sede de la Curia Episcopal y del Conservatorio de Música José Guadalupe Velázquez
Merritt Crist6 mons ago
The painter's work is a painting, the writer's work is a book, and the architect's work is a large and elegant building, the architect is the greatest artist.
Rylee Herman MD6 mons ago
It's a holy place. I believe if you stay there for a day or an afternoon, you will be purified.
Jay Toy6 mons ago
Although I am not a religious person, I also think the church is a very sacred place.
Carter Dickens6 mons ago
there ar lots of great temples all over the world, i love them
Hilma Brekke6 mons ago
In my opinion, the church is the most sacred and clean place. There is no sin here, only blessings and prayers.