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Dare to see if the amateur professor can launch you across the room, without touching you? 
Teleport Me is a comical 360° short film. 

Thanks to Angor at AA VFX for the effects. Check out his site at https://www.youtube.com/user/dvdangor2011?pbjreload=10

This was a test short for something bigger in the works. Stay tuned. Thanks VeeR. Thanks viewers.
Kevan4 mons ago
Fun video lol I liked the ending when it looked like he was going to squish us.
Froog VR11 mons ago
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Carol Yin11 mons ago
haha great video! but would be cool if in the beginning, the camera was mounted to an actual body as the head, so when we looked down we'll see the body with clothes + feet, etc. and then add the feet of whatever creature they've turned into after the teleportation as well :)
Aaron Piriz11 mons ago
How do I scan the QR code?
Oh, wow, that takes guts to trust him and try the experiment:)
I would not dare to try that if I was there:)
Thanks for all your comments! @クランキークランク the equipment was used to teleport you - not that it worked very well. And we really like a good soundtrack @miss Macraycray but he turned on the loud compressor so you wouldn't hear him explain he was about to throw your molecules across the room - incase you left, which I would have. Always remember - if the laboratory is a garage, it's best to leave.
what do all the strange equipments use for?-.-
you guys can be two wonderful doctors.(ง •̀_•́)ง
漫讯MXVR1 yr ago