Maverick is a White German Shepherd that is enrolled in my Basic Obedience course.  His family wants to solidify the basics like coming when called.

This is where the Treat Toss game comes in.  This is a game that I use to bring enormous amounts of value to dogs for turning around and coming back when they are called.  Even though your dog is uniquely different, the fundamentals of this game will help you make progress with this all too important skill.

In this game I am going to do several things:

1. Have Maverick move away from me for a single piece of food.
2. Say his name the moment he puts his mouth on the food
3. Encourage him the moment he turns around
4. Lure him back to me and through my legs.
5. Continue to praise him as he completes the cycle.
6. Repeat steps 1-5

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