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It is a panorama taken in 5 months after the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred in 2011.
◆This picture made a still image panorama slide show, but please see this by all means because the following link can look at panoramic VR in the full screen.
There was a huge embankment in "Taro district", but it was devastated by the tsunami which exceeded it.
Immediately after the earthquake, we received an offer to see if there was anyone who can shoot the earthquake from a certain panorama site, but I thought that it was hindrance to rescue activities when headed by a halfway system, I refused it .
Five months later, I took a picture of going home towards Taro area just as I returned home.
Maybe because it was summer vacation in Bon Festival, there are also many people visiting here, some of whom have taken family pictures.
Tsunami threat to witness, but another 5 months ago, debris have been cleaned up, why rather than feeling bleak feeling around, is close to the feeling of nothingness. I tried expressing such feeling.
It may be halfway things with only 5 panoramas, but if you like, please visit from the link.
Today is the day the tsunami happened.
小雅子儿1 yr ago
is this a slideshow of the images? Why not use 360 video?🤔