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The AT&T Shape Tech and Entertainment showcases the latest innovations in the entertainment industry involving technology. 

The event was held at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California, where many television shows and movies were filmed. Today we found several cool companies like RED's new holographic phone, Liquid Cinema, and Razer! All these companies are trying to make it easier for consumers to produce, edit and consume 360° Virtual Reality content.

I also had a chance to visit the studio museum that features a set from the TV show, "Friends." Check it out!
Abe Sauer8 mons ago
Wow! It is the wish of everyone who likes to play computer games to have such a big screen!😄
Raul Ramirez8 mons ago
@Neha Fisher thank you for watching!!! your comment made my day!
Neha Fisher8 mons ago
Well, I didn't know the entertainment industry could use so many technologies. But now I do.