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A 360' Tour of the School of Visual Arts' MFA Social Documentary Film Department Facilities in New York City.
Filmed in Feb. 2016 by first year student Caroline Berler with the Ricoh Theta.

The department is now accepting applications for the Fall. We are looking for the next generation of non-fiction storytellers – you need not have prior professional experience, but you must have a passion for filmmaking, strong story ideas, and a desire to fully immerse yourself in the industry and art of documentary filmmaking.

Get in touch to take a tour and for more information about how SVA’s MFA Social Documentary Film program may be the right path for you. SocDoc will not only teach you how to tell a great story – we will guide you toward a career in the thriving documentary industry.

More info:

Use your mouse to drag the image around & see a spherical view (360/VR) of each image
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