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(Endfile does not work in Veer Editor) Stay tune until i have a result, i will make a 360 tutorial.

In my first April video i play with possibilities to inject in #veereditor a logo made with #blender opensource software and did play with #tinyplanetstile in #veereditor 

Still got a failure with end content black at the end. This video someone from Google localguides requested to point this special subway prismn glas natural lights. The subway construction did win in 2007 the NRW inovation price for architecture.

Greetings to Modafo360 i promised you during #throughherlens contest to produce one of my #kickandrush videos with subways. Sorry i am late. Share and like.
Daniela Tocan8 mons ago
@Jeanette Hallo Süße, ich strue Asche über mein Haupt und gelobe Besserung.💋
Jeanette8 mons ago
Glückwunsch 'Beautyblogger. habe gerade die Infos gelesen. Du solltest nicht so viel Filmen und ab und zu mal wieder bloggen.